The past 26+ years have been awesome for me. As much as I enjoy being the CEO of 3 and 1 Marketing, Inc., spending time coaching and consulting for other business owners and owning a successful Real Estate Firm, it’s now time for me to switch gears.

I no longer want to actively seek out clients for my businesses. Don’t misunderstand me; I still want to continue to grow my business, just in a different way.

For many years the focus was on acquiring clients, a lot of clients. Provide several types of services whether a la carte, or even monthly packages. My point is I had a team at my office provide services for as many people as we could service. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s the way most businesses grow.

Now I want to help others succeed in a more direct and personal manner. I want to use the knowledge gained over these years and help you with your business. I will help you by getting your message more direct, on point and by teaching you direct response marketing. We use both Digital and Print based advertising.

I know I can’t help everyone; therefore you must fit within a specific parameter and meet the requirements for us to work together. After years of working with others I know exactly who I can help the most. Therefore those are the ones I will choose to spend my time with.

When you decide you’re ready to grow your business, contact me and we’ll set up a call to see if we would work well together. As I said, this isn’t for everyone. If you like what you hear during our conversation, I’ll then get you in a few of my free training workshops.

You will learn a lot and see how I work, and at that point you can take the information and move on without my help, no hard feelings or you can decided you want to partner and I will help you get the results you so desire!

Before you take the time to contact me, here are a few things that I do require for us to work together.

You MUST be willing to spend money advertising
You MUST complete the things we discuss in a timely manner
You MUST be willing to give the process a chance to work

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, and for the love of God you will have to work and work hard.

Whatever you do; Stay Away From Still People!

Still Broke
Still Complaining
Still Hating
Still Not Making A Change
Still Living In The Past
Still Making Excuses

I Wish You Much Success In Whatever You Choose To Do!