The past 25+ years have been awesome for me. As much as I have enjoyed being the CEO of 3 and 1 Marketing, Inc., coaching and consulting for other business owners, being the majority owner of several Real Estate Firms, owner of a Building and Remodeling company and running several online eCommerce stores, it’s now time for me to switch gears.

Before I tell you about my new venture, will you please allow me a few minutes of your time to share something with you? After spending many days and nights putting pen to paper I have a clear path detailing exactly how I want to help you and many others by utilizing all the knowledge and skills I’ve gained during this time.

Let me begin with Real Estate and how I can help you.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, call me. I may be able to get you as much as $15,000 or more in actual cash that can be used when purchasing your home saving you thousands of your personal hard earned money.

The reason I am able to do this is very simple. Real Estate is no longer my primary source of income and I am sharing the money I would have made with you, no strings attached and no fine print. It’s as simple as making a telephone call. What do you have to lose other than up to $15,000 of your hard earned money?

As you probably know the cost to sell a home is really high and there are several ways to approach selling your home. There’s no fixed or market price for selling but if you have ever sold a home, you know it can be very expensive. Call me, I can help you. To be 100% transparent, I don’t list homes for sale any longer and I’m not asking for your business in that manner.

If you are interested in Building and Remodeling or flipping homes, call me. I will answer all your questions to help your venture be a very profitable one.

If you need help with marketing your company or learning how to get more customers than you have time to work with, it’s time for you to pick up the telephone and call me. My company specialized in helping Real State Agents/Firms, Cosmetic Surgeons, several service industry types of businesses and eCommerce stores.

My new venture is something I have been doing for some time now. I help others build a passive type of income with unlimited earning potential. I didn’t say easy, free or fast cash. However it’s not hard, you just have to do exactly as I teach to have the best opportunity to succeed. And no you don’t need a lot of money to start.

My telephone number is 844.614.2355.

Whatever you do;

Stay Away From Still People!

Still Broke
Still Complaining
Still Hating
Still Not Making A Change
Still Living In The Past
Still Making Excuses

I Wish You Much Success In Whatever You Choose To Do!