If you would like for me to visit your location, take a look at your existing business, create a written plan of action to increase your ROI and provide you with a written growth plan, this is perfect for you.

Please understand this is not just a coaching visit, it’s a full scale consultation. We will be going in depth regarding your business development and strategic planning for both short and long term.

All the information will be written down so once the workshop is finished you will have a very detailed plan of action to get all the items discussed implemented as quick as possible.

You are paying for a 1 day workshop however the time goes very quickly. It is extremely important for you to have all your questions written down in the order of importance so we can be sure to cover as much as possible. By having everything listed by priority you will be sure to get your most important questions or topics covered first.

I will be coming to your location and hold a 1 day workshop that lasts for 8 hours.

During our workshop here are just some of the items we will be covering:

  • Product development, manufactures, margins and fulfillment
  • Online and offline presence and flow (Funnels, OTO’s, Continuity, Retention)
  • Online and offline marketing (Bing, Call Centers, Direct Mail, Facebook, Google, Media Buyers, and others)
  • Team size and ability to scale without disrupting progress
  • Short and long term goal setting with measurable results

Before you make this purchase, call 888.889.3692 so we can talk and make sure this is a perfect fit for the both of us. If you wire the funds, I will offer a discount in the amount of the credit card transaction fee.

1 Day Workshop (8 Hours Total): $15,000.00