You are probably wondering what all the images of nature have to do with me and my business. All my websites for more than 20 years were full of professional business related images. I always worked so hard to make sure all the images matched the topic. I use to stress over all my posts, pages and images wanting to make sure they all went together seamlessly.

The bottom line is this, if you read the story about my “WHY” you know that Freedom was very important to me. If you haven’t read it yet, please click here and read it. It may help you with your business too.

If you read my story you learned about all the different types of Freedom I wanted to provide for myself and my family. To me, all the images of the outdoors and nature make me smile and give me a peaceful feeling of Freedom. That’s why I decided to change all the images on my websites to these types of images.

I hope you too can enjoy the feeling and peacefulness they bring to me. I really love doing what I do and knowing I don’t have to stress over such things as an image for an article or blog post is a very calming feeling, not to mention it lowers the blood pressure.

So if you read my story, you now know the “WHY” for both my career and the images on this and my other websites.

Take Care,